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2015-03-16 - By Muldjord
DrumGizmo v0.9.8.1-hotfix released
We're proud to announce the immediate availability of DrumGizmo version This is a hotfix release fixing a bug in 0.9.8 where using resampling would result in sample skewing over the channels. The 0.9.8 release notes are as follows: Beside the usual minor bug fixes, we've put a lot of work into getting the cli (command line interface) version up to snuff. If you want to use DrumGizmo as a stand-alone interface, this is the release you've been waiting for.

Also, we've managed to fix a bug that's been buggin' us for a looooong, long time. It's one of those bugs that makes you facepalm your hand through your face. Basically we've had reports of drum hits going missing when playing. And until a few days ago we haven't been able to reproduce it. Then our very helpful user chaot4 pointed out that most drum hits reported a hit energy of 0 while using the DRSKit. This quickly made deva realize that this was an atof problem. We use atof to convert energy levels from the xml to floats. What we didn't know is that atof is locale dependent. In other words, if you are from Germany (and other countries that use comma as a decimal separator), most of the hit energies are rounded to 0. And because of that, the expected hit energy levels aren't played. Bring on epic facepalming! This should now be fixed.

Download it now - Get it while it's hot! And please remember to visit us at the official irc channel at the Freenode network. Channel name is #DrumGizmo. We would love to hear from you.

Latest News

2016-01-21 - By Muldjord
Developer team doubled!
Ok, so here's some great news for our first post of 2016! But before we delve into the details, we would like to wish you all a happy new year!

So, what is this about our development team being doubled? Well, as DrumGizmo continues to garner interest from users around the world, it seems that some of these delightful individuals are actually quite good at coding. And some of those coders decided to join the team! More specifically, we are now joined by users Chaot4 and Glocke who are both currently digging through our codebase to familiarize themselves with the intricate details.

We are stoked to have them join the team! Welcome guys!

2015-12-21 - By Muldjord
Aasimonster 2.0 kit released
The Aasimonster kit has finally been converted to the 2.0 DrumGizmo format. The conversion has been done by user Chaot4 (THANKS!!!). He's put a lot of hard work into this, so go ahead and check it out!

Find the updated kit right here!

2015-12-19 - By Deva
The DrumGizmo project has been added to Coverity Scan
Coverity has accepted our application so the Gizmo is now a part of their portifolio:
Coverity is an online static code analysis tool that can help us find defects in the software. So what this essentially means is that the next step has been taken towards making the Gizmo more stable and reliable than ever before.

2015-12-10 - By Muldjord
First user-created drumkit added
Good news everyone! The DrumGizmo drumkit family just expanded to include the brand new “ShittyKit”. Contrary to it's erm… Slightly curious name (we didn't come up with it) it actually sounds really good. It's a medium sized kit with 5 channels created by user Sardonicus.

Soo… What are you waiting for?! Grab the kit right here!

2015-12-05 - By Muldjord
New song by Matias Nieminen available
DrumGizmo seems to have found its way into the toolbox of quite a lot of musicians these days. We're very humbled that so many people use it and find it useful. Today we present you with a link to a song Matias Nieminen send us.

Listen to the song here

2015-10-06 - By Muldjord
New DrumGizmo song available
Michael Oswald has been kind enough to send us a link with an example of what can be done with DrumGizmo when mixing an electronic style with some 8-string metal. Its got a bit of a Nine Inch Nails flavor to it. DrumGizmo can be heard in the metal passages.

Listen to the song "The Canyon" right here

2015-09-08 - By Muldjord
Updated DrumGizmo roadmap for 0.9.9
We had a DrumGizmo meeting yesterday, trying to figure out how to go forward from our current position. It's been quiet over the summer, rest assured that we haven't been slacking off. In fact, we have several new features in testing such as disk streaming and a new humanize control that introduces adjustable beat-skewing. BUT, none of these features are ready for primetime. In fact, most of them are largely untested. And before we can introduce them into the actual GUI, we need to do some ground work on the basis code. Mostly about refactoring the GUI framework to make it easier to work with, which in turn makes it easier to introduce new functions. And we need to do a lot of unit testing to make sure these functions are as stable as they can be when we release it upon the masses.

If you would like to help us out, or have questions, always feel free to JOIN US ON IRC

Also check out the updated 0.9.9 DrumGizmo roadmap

2015-07-21 - By Muldjord
New song using only DrumGizmo drums
A new song by Josh Salazar has been released using only DrumGizmo drums. This is a really nice example of what can be done with DrumGizmo with a more quiet and moody tune. The kit used is the DRSKit. Check it out!

2015-04-09 - By Deva
DrumGizmo@LAC2015 in Mainz
We are now at the 13th annual linux audio conference in Mainz to hang out with other linux audio enthusiasts and discuss some interesting design issues in audio development.

2015-03-16 - By Muldjord
Howto: Create your own drumkits
I decided to write a very brief tutorial on how to create your own drumkits. It's something people have been asking for for quite a while. The reason we haven't done anything about it so far is that the drumkit file format still isn't finalized, and the editor is very much a work in progress, still requiring you to get your hands dirty when binding the instruments together in an actual drumkit. BUT, with that said, it is VERY useful for creating the actual instrument xml and wav files with hit velocities and so on. So, without further ado, go check out the brand new Getting DGEdit section that now contains a complete, although brief, description on how to create your own kits.

Keep in mind that this is just to get you started. We are planning on making video tutorials for the entire process when we are further along in development.

2015-01-25 - By Muldjord
Tutorial: How to use DrumGizmo with Ardour
If you are having trouble using DrumGizmo with Ardour, or if you are just a first-time user wondering how to get started using DrumGizmo, there is now a very detailed tutorial available at LibreMusicProduction written by Conor Mc Cormack. A huge thanks goes out to Conor for taking the time to write this tutorial.

Click here to read the article. You can also find this link in our tutorial section.

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