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 =====DGEdit===== =====DGEdit=====
-The following is a prioritized feature request list for the DrumGizmo Drumkit editor. First on the list has highest priority: 
-  * Export to single file with multiple channels for future disk-stream feature preperation. 
-  * The possibility to adjust the length of the fadeouts of selections. This fadeout value can be global for all selections, but should be adjustable. 
-  * The possibility to adjust the cutoff energy level when using "auto". 
-  * When using listen, make sure that the sound isn't distorted when listening to higher volume hits. 
-  * The possibility to click on the circles in velocity view, which will then select the corresponding selection in waveform view. 
-  * Save all energy levels to the .xml file. If no energies are detected when loading a kit → autogenerate. 
-  * Use right-click on the mouse to listen in waveform view 
-  * Add the possibility to play all samples in velocity view by clicking a play button. Only play x miliseconds of each selection. This length should be adjustable by a slider or a lineedit placed close to the play button. Highlight each circle while playing them. 
-  * Allow the manipulation of more than one selection at a time using a common ctrl+mouseclick or by dragging the mouse across one or more selections. With more selections selected, when resizing, all selected selections should resize accordingly. 
-  * Add the possibility to move selections around freely in velocity view. This allows the user to override the calculated energy for a selection if it is wrong. 
-  * Allow “simulating” a hit by clicking on the hit energy line at a random place. It could then play the hits it would be using in DrumGizmo, giving a good idea of whether the current layout of hits would actually work. Could have, not should have, convenience factor. 
-More requests to come...+Great Ideas for Drumgizmo to make it more fun and stuff
-  * "Play all samples" function that plays all samples in the sorted order and marks each one in yellow while playedOnly the first n samples are played and the distance between the samples are held the same. The pause between the samples are to be controlled by a slider.+ 
 +first of all : thanks to all the team, and all the ppl involved in the dev, test, and making kits, this soft is a gem in this music business i really hope that i can became a real good alternative for independant musicians and even pro people and studios.  
 +Here are all ideas i gathered while using it, i think the core of the soft is GREAT and when you understood how its works, it’s a powerfull tool. 
 +But it has this nerdy aspect, that a lot of Linux Opensources softs have, which i think prevent a lot of « casual » people to use it, i thats too baaad because it’s has so much power.  
 +So, here are the ideas:) 
 +change the knobs labels to real names : instead of pRandom or pClose, use more understading names to make the soft clearer. 
 +- since EzDrumer and Superior Drummers are the reference in this domain, maybe use  a pretty drumkit picture when loading a drumkit, i know it’s not that much important, but, it’s a soft dedicated to musicians, not engineers. So i think we can make it more eye candy and clearer. The graph is a good thing, maybe it can take more place in the soft and be improved to better understand whats does the soft to the midi. The whole UI could be way bigger too. 
 +- something amazing would be to be able to switch only a part of the drumkit. For example the snare or the kick. 
 +In order to do it, instant of making drumkits samples, we would make «drumkit banks ». using the same mic setup in the same room with differents elements & cymbals. 
 +And to go further, we could even use different mics to be on the top of the game haha. 
 +I thinks this doesn’t need dat much programming (thats a big part yea, but it’s not complex in term of algorithms, if the bank is correctly set, it’s just chaging somes adresses to pick the rights samples ) 
 +It’s more complex for the irl stuff (gather differents drumkits, record everthing with the same stup in the same place) 
 +- Instead of dowloading an archive with sound samples, maybe create a DG archive format, « .dgz » for instance, and load this whole file in the soft. 
 +Then the soft will get the wav files inside, locate the midimaps availables and stuff. Once again it’s just more convenient for casual user. 
 +- Not software related, but the website its not very welcoming. I think a good website could help a lot to get more people involved. I know i might talk like a start-up nation guy, and that this soft is made for « fun » by you. But i find this too bad that it doesent have the recogniztion its deserves. So yup good website ‘like the CALF suite for instance could be really cool ! Featuring sounds demos, tutorials, samples songs with mixed drums, etc. 
 +- Even in social medias, there is nothing about it. Maybe it’s your decision to stay quiet,but i thinks that’s not a good idea.  
 +To conclude yea, this soft is like and old rusty car with a brand new V8 engine inside. Its has the potential to become huge in term of use and utility (featuring a big community of drumkits sampes makers). It’s just need a proper V1 release version with all the comestics, videos, tutorial, that people need to use it properly !:)
 ====Known bugs==== ====Known bugs====
-  * It seems that the “prefix” entered in the editor is somehow added twice to the names in the xml files, rendering the data structure faulty.+  * It seems that the “prefix” entered in the editor is somehow added twice to the names in the xml files. 
 +  * Selection deletion (aggressively) sometimes results in a segfault. 
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