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 =====DGEdit===== =====DGEdit=====
-The following is a prioritized feature request list for the DrumGizmo Drumkit editor. First on the list has highest priority: +
-====Not yet implemented==== +
-  * Autoupdate (preview as in Gimp) when dragging 'attacklength', 'falloff' and 'fadelength' sliders. +
-  * Save all energy levels to the .xml file. If no energies are detected when loading a kit → autogenerate. +
-  * The possibility to click on the circles in velocity view, which will then select the corresponding selection in waveform view. +
-  * New playback features (with smart mouse mappings): +
-    * Play single selection in its entirety including fade-in/out. +
-    * Play a fraction of each sample sorted by power-position (length customisable, mark circle when played). +
-  * Add the possibility to move selections around freely in velocity view. This allows the user to override the calculated energy for a selection if it is wrong. +
-  * A one-click button that automatically spreads out all currents hits evenly over the velocity span, preserving current sort order. +
-  * Allow the manipulation of more than one selection at a time using a common ctrl+mouseclick or by dragging the mouse across one or more selections. With more selections selected, when resizing, all selected selections should resize accordingly. +
-  * Export to single file with multiple channels for future disk-stream feature preparation. +
-  * Implement fader instead of sample multiplier. +
-  * Add notch-filter with q,f and g sliders. Preview needed. Use this notch filter in the auto calculation.+
 ====Known bugs==== ====Known bugs====
   * It seems that the “prefix” entered in the editor is somehow added twice to the names in the xml files.   * It seems that the “prefix” entered in the editor is somehow added twice to the names in the xml files.
   * Selection deletion (aggressively) sometimes results in a segfault.   * Selection deletion (aggressively) sometimes results in a segfault.
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