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 <code> <code>
 # Clone the project in read-only mode: # Clone the project in read-only mode:
-git clone http://git.drumgizmo.org/drumgizmo.git +git clone http://git.drumgizmo.org/drumgizmo.git --recursive
- +
-# When parent project is cloned the hugin folder is empty. +
-# Initialise and update it using: +
-git submodule init +
-git submodule update +
- +
-# We are currently experiencing some problems with a missing git reference in the hugin repo. +
-# If you see the following error message: +
-#  fatal: reference is not a tree: caec7b4431a524c84fbf724ffbf9c888c650399b +
-# Simply cd to the hugin dir and do a: +
-git checkout master +
-# ... and everything should be fine.+
 </code> </code>
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