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 =====Latest release===== =====Latest release=====
-**DrumGizmo v0.9.16**\\ +**DrumGizmo v0.9.18.1**\\ 
-DrumGizmo version 0.9.16 now available! This is mainly a bugfix release. For the full list of changes, check the [[roadmap:features_roadmap#version_0916|roadmap for 0.9.16]].+DrumGizmo version now available! For the full list of changes, check the [[changelog:drumgizmo-0.9.18|ChangeLog for 0.9.18]].
-And now, without further ado, [[getting_drumgizmo#section0916|go grab 0.9.16!!!]]+And now, without further ado, [[getting_drumgizmo#section09181|go grab!!!]]
 **DGEdit v0.10**\\ **DGEdit v0.10**\\
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 =====Latest News===== =====Latest News=====
 +//2020-04-29- By Deva//\\
 +**DrumGizmo in concert(o)**\\
 +The italian band [[https://www.facebook.com/thestrangeflowers/|The Strange Flowers]] just played a streamed live concert featuring DrumGizmo.\\
 +Check it out at on their [[https://www.facebook.com/thestrangeflowers/videos/540135030019589/|facebook page]].
 +//2019-10-23- By Deva//\\
 +**DrumGizmo hotfix released**\\
 +We recently discovered a rather annoying bug introduced with version 0.9.17 and once we found out what was causing it we decided to do a hotfix release.
 +So, hot in the heels of version 0.9.18, we give you version - now with a working filebrowser!
 +Available in a [[getting_drumgizmo#section09181|browser near you]].
 +//2019-10-18 - By Deva//\\
 +**ShittyKit 1.2 released**\\
 +After the release of DrumGizmo 0.9.18 we have discovered some XML errors in ShittyKit. These have now been fixed and new version of Shitty kit has been packaged. So if you are a user of ShittyKit you will need to download the latest version in order for it to load in the latest version of DrumGizmo. 
 +Get it [[kits:shittykit|now]].
 +//2019-10-15 - By Deva//\\
 +**DrumGizmo 0.9.18 released**\\
 +This release is primarily a bugfix release but a few new features also managed to sneak in.
 +  * Sample selection algorithm now behaves a lot better when using a small sample set.
 +  * Error reporting has been drastically improved when loading drum-kits.
 +  * Sample normalization option has been added.
 +As usual read the detailed description of all the new shiny features, including
 +some audio samples, see the [[changelog:drumgizmo-0.9.18|ChangeLog for 0.9.18]].
 +And now, without further ado, [[getting_drumgizmo#section0918|go grab 0.9.18!!!]]
 +//2019-07-15 - By Deva//\\
 +**DrumGizmo 0.9.17 released**\\
 +In this release we tried to jam in as many of our planned changes to the
 +xml as possible. There are still a few more to go but this release has
 +brought us a large step closer to our feature-complete xml format. Quite
 +a few other major features has also found their way into this release,
 +which will be much more visible (and audible) to the users.
 +  * Improved sample selection algorithm.
 +  * Clicky-kit feature.
 +  * Midnam support.
 +  * Directed choke functionality.
 +  * Drumkit metadata support.
 +  * Experimental Cocoa UI support for MacOSX.
 +Also some bug fixes and a lot of code refactoring (replaced eXpat with
 +pugixml for one).
 +For a detailed description of all the new shiny features, including
 +audio samples and lots of screenshots, see the [[changelog:drumgizmo-0.9.17|ChangeLog for 0.9.17]].
 +And now, without further ado, [[getting_drumgizmo#section0917|go grab 0.9.17!!!]]
 +//2019-03-04 - By Deva//\\
 +**Honorable mention of the Gizmo by Unfa**\\
 +Unfa, the open source open-source software and Linux music production YouTuber, recently posted the video [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qistxioVgMw|"Free and open-source software I use for music production"]] where he walks through many useful programs and plugins he uses for his productionsm including the [[ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qistxioVgMw&feature=youtu.be&t=588|almighty Gizmo]].
 +Check out [[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAYKj_peyESIMDp5LtHlH2A|his channel]] for more cool videos.
 //2019-02-09 - By Deva//\\ //2019-02-09 - By Deva//\\
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