Release Notes for DrumGizmo-0.9.20

Roadmap: version_0920

This release was originally intended as a bugfix release, but quite a few features also managed to find their way in.

Noteworthy bugs that has been fixed:

  • Software regression error in cymbal choke code has been fixed. So now choking of cymbals using both directed chokes and after-touch midi events work again as expected.
  • A compilation error due to an update in LV2 API (we used an obsolete LV2 type) has been fixed, so now compilation should work for everybody again.
  • Code can now properly be compiled with NSL support disabled at configure time.
  • Compilation with the modern gcc-11 compiler has been fixed.

On top of this a lot of crash-bugs has been fixed.

Thanks to corrados, this version adds support for midi input through the alsa seq driver for the command line version of drumgizmo. So now drumgizmo can be run from the commandline entirely without the need for jack.

Compilation Bugs:

  • Fix compilation with gcc-11
  • Fix compilation issue when compiling without nls enabled.
  • Remove sndfile.h from audiofile header
  • Fix missing backslash in libdg includepaths
  • Fix compiler warning.
  • Add missing include
  • Make configure fail if nls is enabled but gettext tools not found.

Crash Bugs:

  • Fix crash when loading a kit with more channels than the engine was compiled for.
  • Fix crash when loading Crocell kit in ardour (stack allocation issue) - see Ardour bug report.
    • Get rid of big stack allocation during resampler (re-)configuration.
  • Prevent processing jack clients that are being deleted.
  • Fix crash when pressing play while loading a drumkit.
    • Skip events whose audio-files has not yet been loaded.
  • Fix crash when doing async-load in cli.

Other Bugs:

  • Fixed directed-chokes regression error.
  • Fix after-touch chokes regression error.
  • Fix wrong sample selection with instruments having only two samples.
  • Make aftertouch choke if velocities > 0 instead of == 0 as this seem to be the vdrum vendor concensus.
  • Clear all active events (ie. stop playing samples) when loading a new kit.
  • Fix ALSA output frame size change.
    • added getBufferSize function for alsa out


  • Record and measure real cymbal choke-time and use this value instead of the current 68ms.
    • Adjust choke ramp-down time to better reflect the actual dampening time of a hand-dampened cymbal.
  • Add support for triggering multiple instruments with one midi note.
  • Add voice-limit parameters to cli
  • Add setting for controlling ALSA periods to output module.
  • Add ALSA MIDI seq input support


  • Add unit-test for EventsDS::clear() method.
  • Add clear member function to EventsDS.
  • Add assert to break infinite loop in case of a bug.
  • Add -Wextra to debug compilation flags.
  • Make it possible to (only) build unit-test in parrallel.
  • Add dggui namespace to libdggui components.
  • Split UI code into application/plugin UI and UI library.
  • Run and fix unit-tests on windows.
  • Make rcgen compile and work on windows again through autotools.
  • Improve cocoa/macOS rendering speed by removing redraw on all events.
  • Reduce UI window height to fit on low-res displays.


  • Bent Bisballe Nyeng
  • André Nusser
  • Volker Fischer
  • French translations by Olivier Humbert

Special thanks to Veticus for support in the macOS optimizations.

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