‎[21:59] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ I have noticed some very odd behaviour when running Ardour with libsuil 0.8.4
‎[22:00] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ Often when I open the DG UI the upper left corner of our window is drawn halfway down and halfway into the embedding window
‎[22:00] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ This happens on out of 5 times
‎[22:00] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ And one out of 10 times i crashes with a BadValue exception from X
‎[22:01] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ Downgrading to suil 0.8.2 completely fixes these issues
‎[22:01] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ Any idea if this might be an Ardour issue or a suil issue?
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‎[22:23] ‎<‎JackWinter1‎>‎ what i referred to earlier, phil collins hobby prog/fusion band brand x, this with percy jones, john goodsall, robin lumley.  suprisng to hear for many people who feel PC is a pop artist :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUBB-3JXWnQ
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‎[22:24] ‎<‎JackWinter1‎>‎ pity i couldn't find just one of the songs that i wanted to post, this is the entire album
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‎[22:37] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: perhaps a drumgizmo issue? initial X11 window size?
‎[22:37] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: one change shortly after suil 0.8.2 was to center X11 windows inside the container.
‎[22:39] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: using XGetNormalHints on the embedded plugin window
‎[22:40] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: ardour binaries come with 0.8.4 since March'17 and so far nobody has reported any oddities.
‎[22:40] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ rgareus, the "center inside window" change makes sense according to what I'm seeing
‎[22:41] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: the change was in 0.8.3 (Nov 2015)
‎[22:41] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ I must have been running the old version for quite a while then I guess ;)
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‎[22:42] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ I'll see if I can fix the issue on the DG side, (re)upgrade suil to 0.8.4 and see if that fixes the issue then 
‎[22:42] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ Thanks for the explanation :-)
‎[22:43] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: https://github.com/drobilla/suil/commit/f26478e12c44  and https://github.com/drobilla/suil/commit/4c4fb2570f433 (blame me)
‎[22:44] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: I guess almost all other plain lv2 X11UIs are actually using pugl (which does set window hints)
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‎[22:45] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ DG currently creates its window as a 1x1 window and then at the first idle callback sts it's real size
‎[22:45] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ So the cntering will be done using the wrong (initial) window size
‎[22:46] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ but resizing should work
‎[22:46] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ The correct solution is to make the window with the right size from the beginning
‎[22:46] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ LV2_UI__resize 
‎[22:47] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: or that.
‎[22:47] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ Does that "recenter" in Ardour?
‎[22:47] ‎<‎rgareus‎>‎ deva: ardour plays no part in this. suil does the heavy lifting
‎[22:47] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ aah ok
‎[22:47] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ I'll into that as well then
‎[22:47] ‎<‎deva‎>‎ Thanks :-)
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