Pitch shift HowTo

This HowTo describes how to make a new kick-l drum in the Aasimonster drumkit.

First you copy the instrument you want to pitch, eg kick-l to a new folder kick-l-low
then edit the drumkit file (aasimonster.xml).
Add a new instrument section as a copy of the kick-l section but name it kick-l-low an point it to the file kick-l-low/kick-l-low.xml
Then you need to rename the kick-l.xml file to kick-l-low.xml in the kick-l-low folder.
Then change the name in line 2 of kick-l-low.xml "kick-l-low" as so: <instrument name="kick-l-low">
The rest of the names in the file should be left as they are.

Then the new midi map:
Edit the midimap.xml file
Copy the kick-l line and change the instrument to kick-l-low and the note number to something not already in use.
If you want to know exactly which keyboard notes they are you can probably find a list here: http://newt.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/notes.html

Now all that remains are the actual pitch shifting:
cd into the kick-l-low/samples dir and run the followig commanline:
for f in *.wav; do mv "$f" tmp.wav; sox tmp.wav "$f" pitch -31; done
This will downpith each file 31 100th semitones, ie. -100 would pitch it down a full semi-tone.

Once it is done, you should be able to load the kit and hear the new instrument.
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