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Using DrumGizmo with Ardour

The dedicated guys from the LibreMusicProduction website has put up a complete tutorial describing how to use DrumGizmo with Ardour. This tutorial is highly recommended for first-time DrumGizmo users. A huge thanks goes out to Conor Mc Cormack for taking the time to write this.

Click here to read the article at

How to use the DrumGizmo cli

DrumGizmo is availabe as a command line interface. Read more about how to use it on this page

Create a pitch-shifted instrument

Add an instrument to an existing drumkit using one of the existing drums as a source but pitch shifting it with sox: pitch-shift-howto

Creating a drumkit using DGEdit

By popular demand, I've written a brief tutorial on how to create your own drumkit using DGEdit. Check out this section to read it. Keep in mind that this process is very much a work in progress, since the editor is in a very early state of development. However, it is very useful, so it is entirely possible to do it. All kits downloadable from this site was created using the described process.



Editing midi drums with DrumGizmo in Muse

Using DrumGizmo with Cubase Studio


Floating velocity groups (this has been fully implemented since v0.9.5) Watch on Youtube


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